My name is Cassi Johnson.  I'm a mom of three in beautiful Eastern Oregon where my husband and I live on our family ranch.  I’ve been a rancher my whole life. I’m proud to be the 4th generation on our family cattle operation.

I left home to study accounting and agriculture marketing at Eastern Oregon University after high school. I spent my first 5 years after college as an accountant, followed by a few other bookkeeping and financial positions over the years.  Between visiting with fellow rancher friends that would ask me for help and working with clients through my various jobs, I found that there was a need for education on one of the most used financial programs, QuickBooks, for the agriculture industry. There was a need for guidance on using the program in our unique industry from someone who understood both the financial side as well as could relate to the business and lifestyle of farming and ranching.

I created 3 Bar Consulting to be able to teach QuickBooks to the agriculture industry.  I love working with ranchers and farmers who are learning and growing their operations just like me and my family.  I look forward to working with you.  Until then, keep the kids and cows fed and your books current.